Wellness Reset Program

The OptimizedFIT Wellness Reset Program is not your everyday nutrition, wellness, and/or health coaching program. Most health coaches out there only look at the surface… things like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction. While these are important, a coach with this limited set of tools has to largely make general recommendations to support their client’s health. Essentially, they are guessing.

A Results Driven System

The OptimizedFIT Wellness Reset Program  approach is different. Using functional lab testing and emotional regulation therapy, OptimizedFIT founder Andy Babkes is able to dive deeper and support his clients in a way that allows them to reach a higher level of optimal health faster and more profoundly.

Andy will…

  • Support your endocrine system, balancing your hormones naturally
  • Assess your digestive function  
  • Make sure your stress levels are at a minimum
  • Decrease free radical damage in the body
  • Discover what foods you are sensitive to that could be secretly zapping your health
  • Seek out parasitic infections and heal them

And this is just the start!

Moreover, Andy is trained in a unique modality that will help you stop stressing over the small things. This technique allows you to drop negative emotional patterns that are holding you back from stepping into your greater self, once and for all.

As a Functional Health Practitioner, Andy will support your body and mind; this will allow you to achieve a higher level of health than you ever thought was possible.  

What You’ll Get In Your 12 Week Wellness Reset Program…

  • 3 Lab Tests to uncover hidden stressors (saliva, blood, urine)
  • 2 Hour Lab Work Review Session
  • 1-2 Emotional Regulation “Tune-Up” Sessions per Month
  • Your Custom Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Plan
  • 3 Month Access to The OptimizedFIT VIP Wellness Reset Private Facebook Group
  • Twice a month calls/in person meetings
  • Unlimited e-mail/text message correspondence

Stop guessing about your health. Stop the frustration. Begin taking control of your health today.

Fill out the application below to receive a free consultation from Andy. During that time he will explain the program in more detail, how it will benefit you, and answer any additional questions you may have. Space is limited. Apply today!