Fasting: Why You Should Try It And What My Own Fasting Experiment Taught Me

PART 1 of 2

I’m a big fan of self-experimentation. It’s one thing to look at research or hear some author/blogger’s health discovery, but we are all so individual. Not to mention a lot of studies are poorly put together and people can put anything out there on the internet and call it a fact. But reading and discovering what’s working for others is a great way to get ideas about what you can try, too! Not to mention, we can’t forget how fun it is to see the expressions of your coworker, friends, or family’s faces when you explain what sort of biohack or self-experiment you’re conducting while trying not to sound like a crazy person…fun times. I enjoy it. (more…)

If You’re A Vegetarian or Vegan… Or Just Don’t Eat Fish Often, You Need This Supplement

In my last article, I gave the low-down on essential fatty acids; why you need them, and where you can get them from…

I highlighted the issue that there are no plant-based sources of omega-3 essential fatty-acids that the body can use with significant benefit. That’s bad news for vegetarians and vegans or anyone who doesn’t eat fish. When your essential fats get out of balance you are opening yourself up to a bunch of nasty health complications such as inflammation, stress, and disease. By eating fish or taking a fish or krill supplement you keep your body in balance, keeping inflammation under control. (more…)

Are You Getting Enough Of This Essential Fat?


Too much inflammation is a bad thing. I would go as far as to say it is one of the main culprits behind disease and malaise. Because of this, the term “inflammation” tends to get a lot of negative press, and rightly so, but it is a necessary biological process in the body. It’s a big part of how the immune system is used to heal the body. The real issue is when inflammation becomes 
chronic. That’s when you’ve got yourself a problem.