Fish Oil: How To Shop For the Good Stuff And A Handy Trick For Weight Loss


In my essential fatty acid series, I started off talking about why you should care about taking an essential fatty acid/omega-3 supplement. Then I wrote an article for the vegans, vegetarians, or people who just don’t eat fish that often about a supplement they can take. Which brings me to the most well-known supplement for maintaining ideal omega-3 balance: Fish Oil. Because remember guys… if you aren’t eating fish at least 2-3x per week, you need to supplement with a high-quality essential fatty acid/omega-3 supplement.

The goal for this guide is to show you how to choose the best fish oil for your money and health. I will also make some recommendations for some products I personally use and have recommended to my clients. I also want to take a moment in this article and teach you a powerful technique for using fish oil for weight loss.  (more…)

If You’re A Vegetarian or Vegan… Or Just Don’t Eat Fish Often, You Need This Supplement

In my last article, I gave the low-down on essential fatty acids; why you need them, and where you can get them from…

I highlighted the issue that there are no plant-based sources of omega-3 essential fatty-acids that the body can use with significant benefit. That’s bad news for vegetarians and vegans or anyone who doesn’t eat fish. When your essential fats get out of balance you are opening yourself up to a bunch of nasty health complications such as inflammation, stress, and disease. By eating fish or taking a fish or krill supplement you keep your body in balance, keeping inflammation under control. (more…)