Why Everyone, Not Just Diabetics, Should Check Their Blood Sugar


Our body’s blood sugar (or blood glucose) needs to remain in a specific range to maintain proper metabolic health. If we eat, get stressed, or exercise, our blood sugar levels increase or decrease as a response. It is then up to our body to produce hormones like insulin or glucagon to bring our blood sugar back into a healthy range.

Glucose, the primary sugar we use for energy, is toxic if levels remain elevated for too long. This can clog arteries and form free radical causing advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), inflammation, increased triglycerides, increased risk of heart disease, and diabetes (1).

The longer your blood sugar stays elevated, the more insulin resistant you become. This breaks down your body’s ability to accurately regulate your blood sugar, further putting your health in peril. What’s worse is that during this process you begin to crave sugar more; the stuff that’s screwing you up in the first place! And the destructive cycle continues…