Permanently Resolve Emotional Patterns

...With The TIPI Technique

Do you find you have…

Phobias such as: Fear of the dark, swimming, heights, driving, being in closed or open spaces, animals, germs, agoraphobia, emetophobia, public speaking, meeting new people, etc.

Or emotional patterns such as: PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, low-self esteem, anger, jealousy, etc.

As long as you can identify a specific emotional trigger, the body will be able to completely resolve the negative emotional pattern in less than 30 minutes. Forever.  


How is this even possible you may be asking…


I didn’t think it was possible either until I discovered the widely used French therapy called Technique d’Identification des Peurs Inconscientes (TIPI) or Technique for the Identification of Unconscious Fears in english…

TIPI simply allows you are able to tap into your body’s innate capacity to heal and process negative emotional patterns.


Here’s a video explaining the technique even further:

As a health coach, I’m constantly searching for new tools to better assist my clients in reaching their greatest health potential. To do this, exercise and nutrition can only take us so far. We need to support our existential/spiritual/psychological well-being as well. After much searching for a therapy that fits my approach—being based in research, efficiency, and effectiveness, I am pleased to offer the techniques used with TIPI to help you permanently resolve your negative emotional patterns.


Curious to learn more?


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To Your Greatest Health,

Andy Babkes, NC, CPT, Pn1