Are You Getting Enough Of This Essential Fat?


Too much inflammation is a bad thing. I would go as far as to say it is one of the main culprits behind disease and malaise. Because of this, the term “inflammation” tends to get a lot of negative press, and rightly so, but it is a necessary biological process in the body. It’s a big part of how the immune system is used to heal the body. The real issue is when inflammation becomes 
chronic. That’s when you’ve got yourself a problem.


Have you heard? Kale is Toxic! Here’s My Take…

Here’s something that annoys me—“journalists” writing clickbait stories. I see it all the time… a study gets published—often not even peer reviewed—but because the research paper in question seems controversial enough, the author will write their own article on the subject. I like to think that sometimes they have good intentions and simply didn’t do their due diligence and just read the abstract, but regardless; it’s a shame. Most people hear about new scientific discoveries not by directly reading the research papers, but instead by reading articles. The problem is if the particular study in question is a bad one, or if it isn’t even a study at all but some anecdotal observation, there’s a lot open to interpretation. At worst, bad science is at risk of being publicized. (more…)

Understanding Hydration

How Much Water You Should Be Drinking and More!


How have you faired today with your water consumption? Feeling thirsty? Do you think you’re dehydrated? Get ready—because this article is going to look at the topic of water consumption and mitigating dehydration. You would think this is a simple topic, but if you know me I tend to overthink things… but that means you don’t have to! (more…)

Are You Protein Deficient?

As a fitness instructor and nutritionist, I am asked by a lot of my clients for a good protein powder recommendation. In hopes of spreading the love, I’ve decided to write an article on that very subject. And geez, you would think this is a quick topic to answer, but that couldn’t be more wrong. I’m going to break this subject up into a few articles. This first article is going to focus primarily on what proteins are and how much you really need in your diet.