High-Intensity Exercise

Discover High-Intensity Exercise (HIT)

A scientific approach to exercise based on the principles of SuperSlow®. Your workout requires only 20 minutes, once a week in the private, DeSisto Strength Training Studio, conveniently located in downtown San Francisco.

For decades health enthusiasts have implemented HIT principles, utilizing a slow movement cadence that safely challenges the body more profoundly than other exercise systems. You no longer need to spend long hours in the gym.


“All it takes is 20 minutes a week. That’s it! Sounds too good to be true, but I have managed to increase my physical strength by 30% in two months!”— Chris K.

High-Intensity Exercise Is Perfect For…

Men and Women of All Ages

Regardless of age or gender, Andrew Babkes will personally train you on specialized equipment, maximizing safety and results.

Other exercise programs focus on explosive, fast and repetitive movements, that often result in muscular imbalances and/or injury.

Experience stronger performance in your all daily activities. Something as simple as carrying your groceries or climbing stairs. Physical activities like yoga, hiking, swimming, tennis, or whatever your favorite sport may be. 

“Andy is great— very approachable, a good communicator and thoughtful about the way he constructs your workout. I have an old shoulder injury that has left me with decreased range of motion, so we’re now working on that and we’ve added a non-core exercise as I’d really like more sculpted thighs. Andy has been able to work with me to design a workout that accommodates both issues. ”— BW

Busy Professionals

Get all the exercise you need in just 20 minutes/once a week.


The HIT strength training protocol keeps you at the top of your game, without risk of injury.


Safely workout with the intensity needed to support consistent muscle growth and no strength plateaus.


Other Benefits of High-Intensity Training

  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Increased strength, endurance, and energy
  • Improve bone density and flexibility
  • Cardiovascular health with improved blood pressure
  • Fall asleep easily/wake up refreshed
  • Improved memory, mental clarity, and mood


“I’d encourage anyone, young or old, bodybuilder or just plain health nut, who values their time and energy to go spend 30 minutes with Andy.” — Rob K.

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Andrew Babkes, CPT, NC, Pn1

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