What type of workout is this?

This is a supervised weight training program created by David DeSisto, who refined the principles applied for High Intensity Training and SuperSlow®. From this, David created one of the safest, most efficient, and most effective methods of exercise called the ZeroForce Protocol. This super-efficient workout only takes 20 minutes, 1-2 times a week.

How can I get a beneficial, full body workout while only exercising for 20 minutes?

The idea is to achieve a time-optimized, safe workout, but with the greatest health benefit. You may think that exercise that makes you move slower will end up taking more of your time, but if done properly, you gain results quicker.

Our muscles are primarily organized into two subsets of muscle fibers: slow-twitch (type 1) and fast-twitch (type 2). The slow-twitch muscle fibers have a high mitochondrial density coupled with a greater aerobic capacity, making them more resistant to fatigue. Comparably, fast-twitch muscle fibers are less aerobic and more glycolytic; this results in a muscle fiber that has more explosive power, but a much faster fatigue cycle. Therefore, if you are able to do the exercise at the optimal slow speed with the correct resistance, you will sequentially recruit first the slow-twitch and then the fast-twitch muscle fibers. The result will bring about an event which is called complete muscle failure. When the body experiences such an event, a physiological adaptation occurs and the results are a list of health benefits such as improved cardiopulmonary, vascular, and metabolic efficiency, as well as an increase in fat burning, strength, energy, and much more!

Couldn’t I just do this workout at home or at a public gym?

Certainly, but you will find there are some unique qualities that will better assist you in achieving your health goals. The DeSisto Strength Training Facility is designed to help you get the best workout of your life. All clients are supervised by a ZeroForce trainer and there are no mirrors, music, or anything that could possibly distract you during your workout. This is your time, and we take it very seriously.

In addition, the exercise machines used are designed specifically for the ZeroForce Protocol. This means that you experience minimal friction during the movement phases with your workout; this will allow you to move through an entire exercise set without musculature unloading – which is what you want for a short workout! Not to mention less drag means a safer workout. And to really sell it, many of the machines use patented cams, which are engineered to apply greater resistance to your muscles during the strongest contraction phases of your workout; this provides a more intense workout, helping you achieve results more efficiently.

Since this is a strength training workout, should women be concerned about getting giant muscles?

No, not at all. It’s actually very difficult for women to build large musculature because they lack the necessary hormones. The giant body builder women we see on television are either genetic wonderments or anabolic steroid users. Really, all that happens if a woman works out intensively using the ZeroForce Protocol is increased fat burn and a more toned physique. All good things.

What about doing cardio? No more treadmills?

No need! Although I don’t want to deprive you runners. If you enjoy running or other types of cardio activities, that’s fine, but it isn’t necessary if you are doing this workout. The ZeroForce Protocol will provide all the cardiovascular training you need to keep your body healthy, burning those extra calories, even after you finish your workout! Not to mention this workout is low-impact so your knees will thank you.

Is dietary coaching available?

Absolutely! I believe that at least 80-90% of your health results come from diet. With my background as a certified Nutritional Consultant, as well as over 10 years of deep research and nutritional self-experimentation, I offer the most current, research-based recommendations to ensure you’re on the correct path to optimal health. We’ll look at sleep, stress, nutrition, and other factors, and together we’ll develop strategies to create positive change for long lasting health.