Are You Protein Deficient?

As a fitness instructor and nutritionist, I am asked by a lot of my clients for a good protein powder recommendation. In hopes of spreading the love, I’ve decided to write an article on that very subject. And geez, you would think this is a quick topic to answer, but that couldn’t be more wrong. I’m going to break this subject up into a few articles. This first article is going to focus primarily on what proteins are and how much you really need in your diet.


Improve Weight Loss With This Handy Trick


I wouldn’t call myself a masochist, but when it comes to my health I sometimes end up getting myself into some interesting situations. For example, you’ll typically find me taking cold showers in the morning, and the type of exercise I instruct and partake in is predicated on completely fatiguing my muscles – it gets results, but it doesn’t feel too good. The reasons I do these things are for another article. For today, I’m going to bring up another healthy, sometimes uncomfortable, yet beneficial health hack.


Don’t Make this Exercise Mistake

This post is going to be a little more “science-y” than some of my previous entries, but I wanted to write about this because it’s such an important topic. As a personal trainer, I work really hard coaching my clients on how to breathe properly during exercising. And for good reason; if you don’t breathe right you are zapping your ability to give it your all, as well as (more…)